Team Alignment is Important

Articulating a vision is vital when leading others.

Having an idea in mind about what you want to accomplish is not enough. That idea must be shared.

A shared vision creates a common purpose.

Sharing your vision takes courage. This is difficult for most leaders. Many worry about being criticized. Most want to perfect the details of their vision before unveiling it to others.

Advice: Stop trying to refine everything in secrecy.

Share your initial thoughts with your team and solicit their input. Every idea is initially rough and not quite ready for prime time. Clarity and alignment emerges when teams collaborate.

Here is some help to get started:

  • Envision the future: where do you want to be? What are you trying to accomplish? If you’re not passionate about the future, your team won’t be either. You can’t fake it. A vision is not about changing your team’s identity; it’s about expanding it. Your team’s vision must have the power to attract not push. Push requires willpower and willpower is something that comes and goes. What lasts is attraction—energetic magnetization to the road you are illuminating. You know your vision is compelling when the simple thought of it excites you and your team.
  • Why is your vision important? Knowing WHY is essential. The aspiring, energetic core of your vision is its biggest strength. Your team will be more inclined to commit to something if they understand why it’s important. There is no neutral. Status quo is never a good option. Reality check: when a goal is created, obstacles emerge. Every team needs an emotional driver. Emotional drive moves people forward. Why is your vision important? Reasons come first, answers come second.
  • What is holding the team back? Whatever it is, raise the standard. Your team will act based upon the standard that has been defined by you—their leader. Are you role modeling the way for others? Most people adopt the habits they witness. Look in the mirror. Would you follow you? Does your communication style motivate or demotivate others? ‘Good enough’ is the enemy of great. Raise the standard of what is expected and become a walking billboard for the behavior you want to see in others.

Team alignment is important!

If you identify yourself and your business in a new way and the new way becomes the standard on how you and your team operates, anything becomes possible.

Trust me, your team wants a vision. They want to know what’s important and where you see the team and the business going in the months and years ahead. What we focus on grows. Share your thoughts. Say it CLEARLY. It doesn’t need to be perfect, and you don’t need to be the most articulate person in the world. What you do need to do is to speak from the heart—your heart.

Want help aligning your team around a common vision? Schedule a team workshop. We’d love to help. Team alignment is important.