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Recharge your Energy

Work harder, do more, and run faster More, more, more—aren’t you tired of hearing that? Sometimes it feels like whatever…

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Filter the Noise

Everybody has an opinion about something. Opinions are just that—opinions. People seem to forget that opinions aren’t facts. Just because…

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Manage your Focus, not your Time

Time itself cannot be managed; what CAN be managed is how we use our time. I used to pack my…

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Time Travel

What advice would you give yourself?  So many times we get entangled in asking ourselves what to focus on or…

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Honor the Transition

You are being asked to consciously grow! Like you, on some days, I am not sure what to do. Sometimes,…

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Trust Your Intuition

Do you ever doubt yourself? Have you ever had to make a tough decision and wondered what to do? If…

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Stop Selling, Start Helping

Are you tired of being “sold” to? Everyone is trying to sell someone something. Sales leaders drive their team to…

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Power of Progress

Little steps. Big victories. Most business leaders don’t value the small and simple. Society says small is trivial, therefore unimportant.…

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Manage or coach?

You are only as good as your team. Effective leaders get results through others. They are willing to exercise their…

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What matters most?

Make the time to CONNECT with co-workers. Leaders build trust when they sincerely attempt to understand what is most important…

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Shut up and Listen

Some leaders need to shut up and listen. Want to become a better leader? Stop talking and start listening. The…

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Learning Library

Do you have a learning library? If not, start one. It will change your life! To be a great leader,…

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