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Leadership—is it as complex as we make it?

What if successful leadership is not as complicated as others want you to believe. Seriously, search ‘leadership’ on Amazon and…

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Unhook from all the Crazy

Do you ever catch yourself getting annoyed and frustrated with someone else when they do something you don’t particularly like?…

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All Leadership is Learned

I’ve had really good managers. I’ve also had some not-so-good managers. I’m guessing you have too. No one is a…

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Leadership Gratitude

Two powerful words: “Thank you.” Thank you expresses gratitude, humility, and understanding. When we thank others, we’re reminded of our…

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Getting Results

Results matter. A lot. In fact, we’re paid to get results. So the big question is this…how do business leaders,…

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Zoom out, Zoom in

Are you beginning to think about the new year ahead? If so, here is a simple tool to guide your process.…

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Why should others follow you?

The old business paradigm declares that leader is followed because they are the authoritarian. The new business paradigm, rooted in…

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Accelerate Progress

Effective leaders focus on habits that accelerate progress. Here are my Top Eight: #1: Focus: Didn’t make as much progress…

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Become Comfortable being Uncomfortable

Change is Uncomfortable.  In a perfect world, we would all know exactly what our next step will be. The reality…

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Be Different. Do Different. Have Different.®

Be, Do, Have.  For years I had this pattern backwards—I, like many of you, thought it was Have, Do, Be!…

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Do LESS and accomplish MORE

Slow down. The secret to getting more done is to do less. ​​​​​The speed at which we all move these…

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Obstacles are Bad—True or False?

Many of us are taught to believe that obstacles in our path are bad. In business, we have competition, changing…

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