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Fear of Change

It goes without saying that the current pandemic we are collectively living through right now has ignited a newfound level…

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Fear of Being Rejected

Do you ever want to speak up but decide not to? The fear of being rejected (by a client, boss,…

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Fear of Making a Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes. Conscious leaders learn from them. Do you worry about making a mistake?  Earlier in my career, I…

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Fear of Not Being Good Enough

If you wonder if you are good enough or worry you are not, you are in the majority. For some,…

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The Secret Ingredient For Change

What’s the secret to making change ‘stick?’ Habits reinforce behavior.  Behavior maintains focus. Focus creates consistency. Consistency is how change…

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STOP: Honor the Struggle

Are you frustrated? Overwhelmed? Annoyed at the pace at which things are progressing? Something inside tells you to be more…

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Becoming a Role Model

Who are your role models? Role models are found in all walks of life. We all have them.  Someone you…

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Catch and Release

Leaders become more Teflon than glue. Do you ever catch yourself getting annoyed and frustrated with someone else when they…

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The Mamba Mentality

“The Mamba Mentality isn’t about seeking a result. It’s about the journey and the approach. It’s a way of life.”…

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The Ability to Filter Input

Beware: All advice is not created equal.  We all get advice, some of it welcomed and some of it unsolicited. …

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Create a Morning Routine

Start every day with time for yourself.  What you do first sets the tone for the rest of the day…

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Learning Library

Do you have a learning library? If not, start one. It will change your life! Leaders are teachers and to…

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