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Better Questions, Better Answers

Leaders often don’t ask enough questions, and when they do, many don’t ask the right questions. Or—they don’t ask questions…

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Blood on the Page

It’s easy to become overwhelmed and frustrated—especially when something important is not advancing the way you want or as fast…

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Leadership Gratitude

Two powerful words: “Thank you.” Thank you expresses gratitude, humility, and understanding. When we thank others, we’re reminded of our…

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Do LESS and accomplish MORE

The secret to getting more done is to slow down. ​​​​​The speed at which we all move these days gives…

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Learn to Lead Yourself

If you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead. I know we like to pretend otherwise. But why? Because it’s hard!…

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Not Everything is a Priority

The to-do list keeps getting longer and the hours available seem to keep getting shorter. All of a sudden, everything…

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There are no excuses—only choices

Many walk through life as zombies—totally unaware of how limiting their thoughts are. False beliefs feed our minds: I don’t…

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Lack and Limiting Beliefs

We’ve been trained to focus on lack and limitation. Every desire is immediately deferred to the reasons why our ideas…

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Change is Not the Problem

Check this out: Do you associate change with losing something—control, status, or security? Worry that change means more work and…

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Catch People Doing Something Right

Do you like your team? Too many leaders are focused on catching people making mistakes. The way they sometimes talk…

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Don’t Take It Personally

You are not responsible for the actions of others; you are only responsible for you. Whatever people do, feel, think…

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Leaders Explain “Why”

There’s more to effective communication than explaining the what and the how. Why is the business making a strategic change?…

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