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Need a Time-out?

To-do list growing? Mine too. Professionally and personally, the action items keep increasing. Is your natural reaction to peddle faster,…

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Adjust the Sails

When the winds change, we must change. How we respond to adversity is far more important than the adversity itself.…

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Leaders make choices, not excuses

What’s your X? What is the one thing you need to work on or work through to grow and empower…

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Me, Inc.

Envision yourself as the CEO of “Me, Inc.” and replace Me with your last name—you’re the boss. As CEO, you…

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Having a Bad Day?

The day is unraveling. Whatever plans you had are now irrelevant. You hear yourself say: Here we go again. That…

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Can I just _____?

If you want to have more, work on the habits that help you become more. It’s convenient to rationalize, justify,…

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Don’t mistake activity for achievement

Make sure you don’t spend MAJOR time on MINOR things. Many people waste precious time on irrelevant tasks (the minor…

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Recharge your Energy

Work harder, do more, and run faster More, more, more—aren’t you tired of hearing that? Sometimes it feels like whatever…

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Filter the Noise

Everybody has an opinion about something. Opinions are just that—opinions. People seem to forget that opinions aren’t facts. Just because…

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Manage your Focus, not your Time

Time itself cannot be managed; what CAN be managed is how we use our time. I used to pack my…

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Time Travel

What advice would you give yourself?  So many times we get entangled in asking ourselves what to focus on or…

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Honor the Transition

You are being asked to consciously grow! Like you, on some days, I am not sure what to do. Sometimes,…

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