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Having a Bad Day?

The day is unraveling. Whatever plans you had are now irrelevant. You hear yourself say: Here we go again. That…

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Don’t Lose Alone

You are NEVER alone. My experience with high-performers is they have this deep desire to figure things out. Almost with…

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Accelerate Results

Effective leaders focus on habits that accelerate results. Here are my favorites: #1: Focus: Do you get distracted easily? Is…

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What’s your next 3 steps?

What exactly do you do next?  How are you going to get there?What are you supposed to do this week? What’s…

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Just Move-the-Needle

Little steps. Big changes. Most business leaders don’t value the small and simple. Society says small is trivial, therefore unimportant.…

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Old You, New You

Leaders don’t live in the past. You are not what you did yesterday, what you said yesterday, what you thought…

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Your Inner Critic

Giving power to your doubts. This is the perfect definition of the inner critic. Our inner critic fuels self-doubt. It…

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Courage vs. Comfort

Choosing easy over hard is a fixed mindset. It’s comfortable.  Do you speak up when your gut tells you things…

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Change is an Opportunity

Change itself is not the problem. Resistance to change is. I see a lot of leaders, especially newly appointed ones,…

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Can I just _____?

If you want to have more, work on the habits that help you become more. Many people procrastinate.  You know…

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Mid-Year Questions to Ask Yourself

The holiday week is a great time to recharge your energy. Whether you are heading to the beach, visiting relatives,…

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Need a Time-out?

To-do list growing? Mine too. Professionally and personally, the action items keep increasing. Is your natural reaction to peddle faster,…

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