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Respond vs. React

Do you react or respond to complicated circumstances? Do you know the difference? Every leader has the power of choice.…

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Are YOU afraid of Success?

What if everything you have been taught about success is wrong? I was misguided about success. I (like you) was…

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Change is Not the Problem

Do you associate change with losing something—control, status, or security? Worry that change means more work and sacrifice? Wish things…

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Afraid of Being Rejected?

Do you ever want to speak up but decide not to? The fear of being rejected (by a client, boss,…

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Fear of Making a Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes. Conscious leaders learn from them. Do you worry about making a mistake? Earlier in my career, I…

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Are You Good Enough?

If you wonder if you are good enough or worry you are not, you are in the majority. For some,…

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Team Alignment is Important

Articulating a vision is vital when leading others. Having an idea in mind about what you want to accomplish is…

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Catch People Doing Something Right

Do you like your team? Too many leaders are focused on catching people making mistakes. The way they sometimes talk…

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Meet People Where They Are

In what ways do you wish that people were different? Consider how often you get tangled up with another person,…

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There are No Excuses—Only Choices

There are no excuses—only choices. Many walk through life as zombies—totally unaware of how limiting their thoughts are. False beliefs…

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Don’t Take It Personally

You are not responsible for the actions of others; you are only responsible for you. Whatever people do, feel, think…

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Not Enough Resources?

It’s not how much you have—it’s how you use what you have. Leaders often have to: Ask their team to…

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