Need a Time-out?

To-do list growing? Mine too.

Professionally and personally, the action items keep increasing.

Is your natural reaction to peddle faster, work harder, get up earlier, or stay up later?

What if you simply took a time-out?

I know—you don’t have time! Seriously, are you still buying that story?

The leaders I know make choices, not excuses.  

When life gets crazy, effective leaders choose to connect with their inner voice. Why? So they can make the right adjustments.

For me, taking a time-out is an opportunity to center myself. It’s a quiet place where I can evaluate how I feel about something and think through what I really need to accomplish and the most graceful way to achieve it.

Many leaders spend most of their time overwhelmed, tired, and buried in the day-to-day routine, unable to see beyond tomorrow.

Note to self: A frantic mind is not a creative mind and there is nothing the frantic mind would come up with that would be truly useful.

It’s difficult to hear your inner voice when your frantic voice is throwing a temper tantrum.

The answers you seek are already being spoken. The problem is that the noise around you is too loud for you to hear them.

Try taking a time-out!

You will be amazed at what you can learn by listening to your inner voice.