Lonely is a choice

You are as alone as you want to be. 

Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to be isolated.

Leadership should never be lonely—if you are effectively connecting with others.  

Many leaders feel as if they’re fighting a battle alone. Some wonder if anyone cares as much as they do. Others feel like they are sacrificing too much. Sound familiar?

To be effective, you need connection to:

  • Cultivate reciprocal relationships you can lean on
  • Solicit advice and different points of view
  • Offer guidance and support
  • Celebrate collaborative success

None of these leadership behaviors even slightly suggest that a leader operates alone.

Too much is changing, too fast, for any leader to have all the answers.

If you feel lonely as a leader, remember lonely is a choice and if you chose lonely then you are not being an effective leader. Those who work in isolation inevitably burn out, grow ineffective, and become irrelevant.  

It’s not leadership if you’re doing it alone.

Contact me if you are tired of strugglingalone! Together, we will identify ways you can get things done more effectivelywith the help of others!

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