Perfection Paralyzes Progress

I used to get caught up in trying to be perfect and worrying about every little detail. 

As a result, I found myself paralyzed by second guessing myself —  which suffocated my creativity.

Here is what I learned from that agonizing time:

  1. Perfectionism is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for any leader trying to accomplish something. The need to get something exactly right before taking the next step paralyzes many.

  2. Pursuing perfection often stands in the way of what’s most important: progress.

  3. Leadership requires making consistent strides forward, regardless of how big or small. The quicker the stride, the greater the progress. Don’t buy into the notion that you will take a giant leap forward if you spend enough time carefully mapping out every detail. That belief paralyzes so many. By the time you complete your plan, others will have already taken that leap you spent months mulling over. 

Don’t let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen.

Opt instead to “just go” and let the sparks fly. 

You will make mistakes. But in the process, you’ll learn a ton quickly.

Just keep moving. Each step you experiment with will refine your skills and ignite new levels of creativity you didn’t know you had.

We all have a creative side. 

Want help activating it? Contact me.

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