Would you rather work for Robot or a Human?

Which do you find more inspiring: “This is how we do things here” or “What ideas do you have?”

How about: “Just do your job” as opposed to “What did you learn from your last assignment?”

If your team is just operating by a list of instructions, all you have are robots.

Robotic leaders are task-oriented and not well-known for their people skills.

  • Their primary focus is the work itself. 
  • They’re not interested in feelings or emotions and see little value in providing employees with autonomy. 
  • Providing support, mentoring, and praise to employees is viewed as a distraction that takes time away from “critical activities.” 

Many robotic leaders wonder why their employees are disengaged with their jobs. Poor leadership is a major source of the problem.

I don’t know about you, but if I found myself working for a robotic leader, I would want to run for the door. 

Personally, I’d rather work for a charismatic leader. 

Charismatic leaders are magnetizing and memorable

If you have the opportunity to watch a charismatic leader ‘work a room,’ you’ll note that they are extremely present and in the moment. All their attention is focused on the person they are talking to; making that individual feel like they are, for that moment, the most important person in the world. 

As a result, their teams are more productive and happier and their success is higher. 

Would you like to be a more charismatic leader?

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