Is Your Team Performing?

How do you determine if your team is performing well or not?

Businesses leaders everywhere are embracing data-driven metrics to track, measure and monitor the performance of the business. For some leaders, this makes a lot of sense. For others, it sounds like you’re speaking a foregin language.

Implementing data-driven metrics is no longer an option. But don’t fall into the trap of just reporting numbers.

Data is important, but the value is not in the data. The value is in your interpretation of the data.

It’s important that every leader, at every level, take the time to help their team use data to make decisions and understand the areas they can tweak to increase efficiency and productivity. 

If you or someone on your team is struggling to understand or embrace data, check out this short video. I break down how data-driven metrics work and how you, as a leader, can find the real value behind the numbers. Check it out:

Or stream it on your favorite podcast platform! It is episode 105 of the Getting Results podcast: Getting your Team to Use Data to Make Decisions. It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, and others.