Some Are Just NOT Motivated

Leadership would be easy if everyone was highly motivated.

Many leaders struggle to motivate and engage their team. Some people are easily motivated, but many are not. 

A leader’s job is to lead everyone on their team, not just the easy ones.

If you want to motivate and engage your team, you first must earn their trust. As with any relationship, trust doesn’t happen by accident. Trust is established between two people, individual to individual, over time. 

Knowledge is power. 

Leaders take the time to get to know what matters most to each person on their team. Just because someone doesn’t open up, it doesn’t mean you stop trying. This isn’t a “one and done” task—it’s an ongoing effort, and not something you ever give up on.

This week, I share my top two tips for motivating and engaging every member of your team—both those who are easily motivated and those who are not. Check it out:

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