Get Your Mojo Back

A lack of confidence is a bigger issue than most leaders recognize. 

A lack of confidence influences behavior and productivity.

A lack of confidence causes most people to wonder if they are good enough.

For some, trying to be ‘good enough’ expresses itself in becoming a workaholic. For others, self-doubt manifests itself as procrastination, avoidance, or not finishing what you start.

The fear of being ‘not good enough’ affects everyone. In fact, a lot of high-achieving individuals believe they don’t deserve the success they have achieved. They have what many psychologists call the “imposter syndrome.”

If you worry about not being “good enough,” know that you are not alone.

This week, I share with you the two top reasons why some people lack confidence—and what you, as a leader, can do to help yourself or your employees get the mojo back. Check it out:

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