Co-Create the Future

Many leaders feel as if they have to figure out everything themselves. Some wonder if anyone cares as much as they do. Others feel like they are sacrificing too much. Sound familiar?

You are as alone as you want to be. Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to be isolated.

To be effective, you need connection to:

  • Cultivate reciprocal relationships you can lean on
  • Solicit advice and different points of view
  • Offer guidance and support
  • Celebrate collaborative success

None of these leadership behaviors even slightly suggest that a leader operates alone.

Leadership should never be lonely. 

  • Do you have a plan to creatively add more value to your existing clients and partners? 
  • Have you considered how you are going to pivot your business to enable growth in the months ahead?
  • Has a new need emerged that you are uniquely positioned to fulfill?

Too much is changing, too fast, for any leader to have all the answers.

Some believe it’s a weakness to ask for help. The “I have to do it myself” false belief prevents progress.

How heavy do you feel right now? How alone do you feel? Notice the connection?

It’s not leadership if you’re doing it alone.

Swallow your pride and invite your team into the process as co-creators.

There is nothing more meaningful than emotionally engaging others to design the future—especially now. 

Invite the people who interact with your clients, products and services into the process of designing those touch points. This collaborative process is more valuable than any ideation session done alone.

Years of C-level leadership has taught me the solutions that emerge in “co-creation sessions” are more creative, sustainable, and lead to innovative advances because key stakeholders are involved. What’s more, the interactions that come from bringing your team together will foster new insights.

Over the past couple of weeks, I facilitated a ton of co-creation sessions with clients (yes remotely) and all of them were outstanding! So much so that I had to remind my audience how important this process is.

Your best people want a seat at the table.

What they really is to have a voice.

Do you struggle trying to decide if and when to include them in the process? Tune into this week’s episode of the Getting Results podcast, E59: Just Want a Seat at the Table. Your team wants to help you navigate through this difficult time and are begging to contribute in uniquely new ways—if you’re willing to let them. Check it out: E59: Just Want a Seat at the Table