Connecting with Co-Workers

Do you get annoyed when others don’t pay attention to what you are trying to say?

Is it frustrating when someone acts without understanding the dynamics of a situation?

Are you disappointed when your contributions go unappreciated?

Now, imagine how your team feels.

Understanding and appreciating others is essential to getting results.

The triggers that motivate people to achieve are unique to everyone. Successful leaders take the time to connect with others to find out what matters mostto them

Here are three simple and easy to implement tools:

  • Listen: Leaders listen to the challenges others face. They don’t assume or jump to conclusions. Instead, they focus on what people are trying to convey and remain present in a conversation. 
  • Understand: Leaders are eager to discover what motivates and demotivates others. They take a sincere interest in learning what others are trying to achieve and why. They grasp their perspective, including their assumptions, even if they don’t necessarily share the same point of view. Understanding where people are coming from is important to gaining buy-in and support. 
  • Acknowledge: Leaders genuinely appreciate and recognize the efforts of otherspublicly. They celebrate achievements and take pride in the accomplishments of their co-workers. Leaders know others are more willing to stretch their comfort zone when their efforts are acknowledged. 

Leaders cannot lead unless they listen, understand, and acknowledge the people they are leading, at all levels. 

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