Effective leaders focus on habits that accelerate results.

Here are my favorites:

#1: Focus: Do you get distracted easily? Is your team making as much progress as you hoped? Did you (or others on your team) lose sight of the high-impact work that enables growth? If so, it begs the question—why? The truth: Growth requires focus. Effective leaders make focus their #1 habit and then teach their team how to master this skill as well. Developing the focus habit requires effort, but once mastered, you and your team will be able to get more done in less time. Need help getting your team to focus? Contact me. 

#2: Rhythm and Routine: High performers establish rituals and behaviors to recharge their energy. Energy provides the capacity to accomplish more in less time. During the day, they look for ways to group similar tasks together to create rhythm. Ineffective employees waste way too much time switching between tasks. The more you multitask, the harder it becomes to stay focused on and accomplish a single task.

#3: Freedom to Experiment: Successful people act. Action changes things. People learn from taking action, from the mistakes they make, and from the feedback they receive. Every forward step has a compound effect of establishing more momentum. Momentum fuels progress. Good leaders give themselves and their team the freedom to experiment. Do you?

#4: Challenge Yourself: The best employees challenge themselves. They seek help to co-create the future. They work to eliminate unnecessary activity so they can focus their attention on what’s truly important. Are you challenging yourself? You have a responsibility to role model the way for others. 

The only thing standing between you and what you desire are the crazy stories you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve something.

Do you want to accelerate results? Would someone on your team benefit from having the additional support to accelerate their results? Accept the Move-the-Needle Challenge and/or get your team to accept the challenge and together, let’s develop the habits that generate meaningful results.