We leak energy when we give our power away.

We give up power in our relationships and interactions because we don’t have a strong connection with our inner SELF. We don’t have strong boundaries to nurture and honor what’s ours.

Most of us walk around day after day, week after week, month after month, and even year after year, letting others drain our precious energy.  

Symptoms of an energy leak:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, heavy, and anxious
  • Feeling tired and exhausted
  • Inability to make a decision
  • Easily distracted and unable to complete tasks
  • Frustrated with the speed at which things happen

What causes an energy leak?

  • Self-doubt, fear, and worry (about anything)
  • People pleasing behavior and draining relationships
  • Judging/criticizing yourself, and others
  • Wanting things to be different than they are
  • Clutter (in your environment and your mind)

The most precious asset we own is our energy. If not consciously managed, your energy will quickly evaporate through other people’s agendas. This is caused by feeling like you have to respond to every email within minutes; believing you must answer the phone every time it rings; convincing yourself that you’re being held hostage in unproductive meetings; accepting all interruptions or being persuaded to do something you really don’t want to do.

If you log your time for a few days, you’ll quickly discover how seemingly minor events consume a ton of time and energy without a great deal of benefit. When left unattended, these energy leaks impact your ability to get things done.

Experiment. Review the list above and honestly ask yourself if any of those particular symptoms are happening in your life. If so, re-commit to changing them. YOU HAVE A CHOICE. Thinking you don’t have a choice is also an ENERGY LEAK!  Protect yourself from unnecessary energy loss. That means:

    • Releasing toxic relationships that drain your energy
    • Saying “no” more often to things that no longer serve you
    • Start doing something instead of procrastinating and worrying about it
    • Becoming more present in your life
    • Taking better care of your health
    • Getting more organized
    • Eliminating the BIGGEST distractions in your life
    • Being more fiscally responsible
    • Asking for help!

Some energy leaks are much bigger than others and do require help and support. Remember, you are not meant to be alone in this world.