Time to Make Time

When you make time for daily reflection, you make a commitment to yourself—to the one person who has the ability to make all the decisions. 

Most people lead very busy lives, and as a result, they have very busy minds! 

Taking time to be alone and develop a quiet mind will sound like a terrible idea to some, and a wonderful one to others. Many of us have so much going on inside that it may be uncomfortable to be alone. A lot of people grind through the day without ever taking the time to filter the noise and chatter in their own head. Some even avoid getting to know themselves out of fear that they might not like what they see. For many, it’s a lot easier to just stay busy.

Over the past decade, I have learned the tremendous value and benefits of self-reflection—time to record my personal thoughts, daily experiences, and evolving insights. For me, it’s a way of allocating time to understand the lessons I am being asked to learn.

Consider your last vacation or a day you recently took off. Do you remember your favorite part? For most, it was just being able to get away and clear their mind. This begs the question: Why do we need a vacation to have this experience?

Imagine if you could recreate that same feeling every day. 

Imagine the impact a clear mind would have on your productivity and overall psyche. 

I invite you to begin a new journey. I encourage you to join me in making quiet time a daily practice—not just something you do on vacation. If you are like most people, something inside is tugging at you. Maybe you’re searching for answers to a difficult challenge. Maybe you’re seeking more peace and joy in your life. Maybe you simply want to clarify your thoughts and feelings, or detach yourself from the past.

Inside each of us is a very beautiful place. This special place is where we really live. It is where we find our truth. You have an opportunity to become an observer and get your mind working for you, not against you. You will find that place when you make time for daily self-reflection.

Life is racing fast, and if you aren’t careful, you will regret not making time. Don’t let that happen: Get to get to know the one person who has the power to change your life—you! 

Are you too busy? I think it’s time to make time.

Want help getting started? Tune into this week’s episode of the Getting Results podcast — E67: How to Make Quiet Time a Daily Habit. In this episode, I share the simple structure I personally use and teach others. Trust me, this is one episode you won’t want to miss.

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