Be Different. Do Different. Have Different.®

Be, Do, Have. 

For years I had this pattern backwards—I, like many of you, thought it was Have, Do, Be!

Most of us believe we need to have something first (more time, more money, more love) that will allow us to do what we want (buy a house, take up a hobby, go on vacation), which enables us to be who we want (happy, peaceful, content, or in love). I used to believe this as well.

Years ago, I would often say, “When I have more time, I will be able to do more activities with my family, allowing me to be a better father and husband.”

As business professionals, we often make the same mistake. It is easy to get caught up thinking that once we have successfully made it through the fire drill of the day, we will be able to focus on developing our team and everyone will be better or once we have more sales, we will be able to do more things and everyone will be happy.

The truth, I have learned, is the opposite. Be comes first.

By being a better father and role model, my kids will want to hang out and do more things with me, allowing me to have the relationship and memories I desire.

By being a more effective leader, motivating and coaching others to reach beyond their comfort zone, my team will collectively bond together to do more, and together, we will have the results we yearn for.

When you choose to BE different,
you DO things differently,
which allows you to HAVE different experiences.

This is opposite of what most people think. Why? Because it requires accountability—personal accountability. 

Accountability begins within us.

Take a few moments and think about who you are right now.

Compare that to who you want to be—whether that is one month from now or five years from now.

Imagine if you were a better friend, partner, or role model. 

Imagine yourself a better leader, employee, or business owner.  

Imagine how different your experiences will be if you decided to simply show up differently.

The truth is, if you want to have something different, you must first become someone different.

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