Not Enough Resources?

It’s not how much you haveit’s how you use what you have.

Leaders often have to:

  • Ask their team to do more with less.
  • Raise the performance bar.
  • Evaluate, and in some cases reduce, budgets.

Common, you say?

What’s not so common? Resource planning with their team.

Effective leaders make resource planning a consistent part of their one-on-one meetings with direct reports.

  • They strategize together.
  • Anticipate obstacles together.
  • Develop contingency plans together.

As a leader, I’ve noticed that people often have trouble asking for help.

Sometimes they sit on projects for weeks because they didn’t want to ask for support.

There are many reasons people fear requesting assistance, primary among them is not wanting to seem weak, needy, or incompetent. Any of these ring a bell?

In your next one-on-one session, I encourage you to ask:

What resources and/or support do you need to do the work assigned?

Leaders are often in a position of leadership because they have learned to master the art of the workaround. They know how to creatively leverage the resources they have.

It is your job as a leader to help your team gain these skills as well. Without guidance, your staff may deviate in another direction, causing unintended consequences and costs.

Leaders who grow their team grow their business.

Teach your team how to:

  • inventory resource needs.
  • creatively overcome perceived constraints.
  • leverage resources inside and outside your organization.
  • implement processes to streamline efforts.
  • leverage technology to increase efficiency.

Honor little steps. Coach others through smaller milestones. Reward improvement. This is the power of progress.

The leadership challenge is not a lack of resources. Instead, it’s teaching your team how to use the resources they already have.

Want to brainstorm how to teach your team this skill? Shoot me an email and we can schedule time.