Is Someone on Your Team Underperforming?

Is your team performing the way they should? 

One of the biggest challenges a leader faces is underperformance! Missed deadlines, poor quality, finger-pointing, and excuses are both frustrating and exhausting.

When someone is underperforming, the first step shouldn’t be corrective action. Instead, authentic leaders ask, “Am I doing everything possible to help this person succeed?”

The question isn’t whether or not we are leadersbut how well we lead.

This week, I share the most common reasons people underperform and how you, as a leader, can help increase their productivity. Check out this short video:

Or stream it on your favorite podcast platform! It is episode 91 of the Getting Results podcast: Three Ways to Increase Team Productivity. It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, and others.