Everything is NOT a Priority

Have you ever felt like your to-do list keeps getting longer and the hours available seem to keep getting shorter? 

All of a sudden, everything feels like a priority. 

It’s easy to give up and think “it’s all important,” but that’s not true.

Everything is NOT a priority and all priorities are NOT created equal. 

Convincing yourself that everything must be attended to is an illusion. 

Try this: Examine everything you tell yourself you have to do today:

  • Does every task have to get done today, or this week?
  • Can some tasks be re-prioritized for later?
  • Can you delegate a certain task to someone else?
  • Can other tasks be eliminated altogether?

These are just a few questions I ask on a weekly basis.

You have a responsibility to ensure the most important stuff moves forward. The only way to do that is to develop a system to filter the tasks you are working on.

If you think things will change once you get past a certain event or reach a project milestone, you are fooling yourself. 

It’s time to bust this illusion and take a deep look at where you spend your time and energy.

Start by watching this video:

Or stream it on your favorite podcast platform! It’s episode 85 of the Getting Results podcast: Everything is NOT a Priority! It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, and others.