Everything is NOT a Priority

The to-do list keeps getting longer and the hours available seem to keep getting shorter.

All of a sudden, everything is a priority. And then it happens: anxiety, frustration, and stress emerge as you feel forced to jump through someone else’s hoops—not your own.

Look around. Everywhere we turn, there is a demand for our attention.

Yes, it’s true—our lives and businesses all have peaks and valleys. However, the fundamental way we act, as a leader, should not change through the ups and downs. If you think things will change once you get past a certain event or reach a project milestone, you are fooling yourself.

It’s time to bust this illusion and take a deep look at where you spend your time and energy.

Shift your thinking. Not all priorities are created equal.

Convincing yourself that everything must be attended to is an illusion. Try this: Examine everything you tell yourself you have to do today:

  • Does every task have to get done today, or this week?
  • Can some tasks be re-prioritized for later?
  • Can you delegate a certain task to someone else?
  • Can other tasks be eliminated altogether?

These are just a few questions I ask on a weekly basis.

How do you filter your to-do list to ensure your time is spent on the things that matter?

I have a lightweight process for sorting my overflowing to-do list. I call it the 4-D filter. I use this filter to create my weekly flight plan. Here’s a short overview video I encourage you to watch: The 4-D Filter

The 4-D Filter is just one of a bunch of tools I offer within my PowerWeek—PowerLife System.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything. You simply have to get the right stuff done.