One Habit Will Change Your Life

The power of reflective thinking gives you the opportunity to step back and evaluate things from a different perspective.

I know—you don’t have time! 

Seriously, are you still buying that story?

The leaders I know make choices, not excuses.  

If you want to lead others—and yourself—in the best way possible, you need to make quiet time a priority. 

Let me say that again: You need to make quiet time a priority!

Every leader and team I work with has too much to do and not enough time to do it. This just comes with the territory of being a leader. 

When life gets crazy, effective leaders choose to connect with their inner voice. 


So they can evaluate what they’re doing and make the appropriate adjustments.

For me, quiet time is an opportunity to center myself. It’s a quiet place where I can evaluate and think through what I need to accomplish and the most graceful way to achieve it.

If you’re tired of spending most of your time buried in the day-to-day routine and you’re looking for more time to think, reflect, and review what’s most important then I encourage you to check out the recent video I posted. This daily discipline alone has worked miracles for my career and helped in every  area of my life. Check it out:

Or stream it on your favorite podcast platform! It’s episode 84 of the Getting Results podcast: How to Make Quiet Time a Priority! It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, and others.