Meet People Where They Are

In what ways do you wish that people were different?

Consider how often you get tangled up with another person, struggling to change them.

Many of us complain about people, often the same people over and over—for doing the same thing.

It’s easy to get bent out of shape when someone else doesn’t meet our expectations, or doesn’t operate the way we do.

It’s common to wish others were different, just like it’s normal to wish that you, yourself, were different.

Here’s the truth: It is not your job to change other people. It is not your job to decide what’s right for someone else, and it’s not your job to judge them based on what you perceive to be right or wrong.

To be an authentic leader, you have to meet people where they are—to connect with others in a way that is meaningful for them.

  • Customers go through a variety of different stages before they purchase. Your interactions will differ depending upon if they are a prospect, new customer or a client for the past 10 years.
  • Employees are human—everyone is different. They develop differently, have different personalities, possess different strengths and require different kinds of support to meet their individual needs. They want and value different things depending on the challenges they are experiencing and their level of experience. Their individual growth and development requires a unique level of guidance, encouragement, and support.

As people grow, their needs change. So must your leadership.

The most influential leaders:

  • Have the presence to engage various styles to connect with and inspire others.
  • Have the capacity to read their audience and course-correct in the moment.
  • Discover common interests, use familiar language, and share stories others can relate to.

They authentically meet others where they are!

Are you struggling to connect with another person?  Do you want help tailoring your leadership message? Contact us and we’ll help you meet others where they are.