Little steps. Big changes.

Most business leaders don’t value the small and simple. Society says small is trivial, therefore unimportant.

Goals are crucial to our success. As with every journey, without knowing where you’re going, you’ll never get to where you want to be.

There is one problem. 

Thinking about big changes can be extraordinarily heavy for most people. 

The sheer weight of what needs to be accomplished often stops people dead in their tracks. 

It’s not the physical goals that restrict progress—rather, it is the mentality surrounding those looming, incomplete goals that stalls progress and results.

You may have one or two main goals at the forefront of your mind, but do you also have smaller seemingly less significant, short-term milestones—each taking you (and your team) a step closer to your final destination?

Overlooking the small steps can leave you feeling unsuccessful and discouraged.

The power of progress is fundamental to human nature, but few managers understand it or, more importantly, know how to leverage progress to ignite employee motivation and morale.

Here’s the truth: Little steps make a big difference.

Before you create an impressive task list, I ask you to consider:

  • What are the small steps you are dismissing that would have a great impact?
  • How much MORE progress could you make if you just focused on Moving-the-Needle forward?

Every forward step has a compound effect of establishing more momentum. 

Momentum is progress. Progress leads to results.

Do you want to accomplish something important and need a quick start and repeatable process to sustain momentum? Maybe someone on your team could use some help.

I encourage you to accept the Move-the-Needle Challenge!