Composed Leaders Exhibit Certainty

Composure is one element of leadership. 

Your team will trust you as their leader when you are composed. They are more likely to respect you and they are more likely to exhibit composure themselves if they witness that trait in you.

Responding to a difficult situation requires composure.

When composed (physically and mentally), a leader exhibits certainty. Certainty, not self-confidence, is what draws people to leaders. 

A leader’s calmness in a challenging situation is reassuring and contagious; it gives others confidence, especially when they need it most.

It’s easy to let our emotions get the best of us.

We can quickly get frustrated, outraged and even lose our temper when things don’t go as planned or when we feel overwhelmed. Being emotional doesn’t serve us well as leaders. If not carefully managed, we can appear uncertain and afraid, which makes us unpredictable to those we interact with. 

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