Are You Ready?

Have you ever wished something was different?

Deep down inside, many of us sense something needs to change — personally or professionally. 

Some of us struggle to define exactly what it is and how to change it. 

We lie awake at night searching for something we want to be — something we want to do — and something we want to have

At LXU, we call this something the X. The “X” is your personal something — and it is different for everyone.

For me, my X is being able to do what I love — every day. I want to live authentically large; to have a greater sense of freedom to express my voice and pursue my aspirations. I want to have a positive and meaningful impact on others, not so much by what I say, but by showing up in such a way that inspires others to achieve their fullest potential.

During the course of this journey, I reinvented myself multiple times over. Some days I felt like I was making a ton of progress; other times I felt stuck, wondering why everything was so hard. My ego told me I needed to work harder, do more, and run faster. My spirit told me to trust that every obstacle is intended to serve me — to educate me and prepare me for what lies ahead. Some days I believed this, other days I had doubt.

Do you feel a disconnect between the life you’re living now and the one you are capable of? You might sense this disconnection in your job, your personal life, or even in your daily routines. Perhaps you just have a nagging feeling that you’re capable of offering the world more.

This is a sign that you’re ready for the next mountain a new opportunity or challenge that will motivate and inspire you to be your best

Does that resonate with you? If so, I encourage you to tune into this week’s episode of the Getting Results podcast E64: Are You Ready for the Next Mountain? In this episode, I talk about breaking the chains of where you are right now and how to unleash the confidence to think big and play even bigger. Check it out: E64: Are You Ready for the Next Mountain?