Honor the Transition

You are being asked to consciously grow!

Like you, on some days, I am not sure what to do.

Sometimes, everything that requires my attention weighs heavily on my mind.

There have been other times when I thought I knew what was best in a challenging situation; only to discover that my thoughts and actions further complicated matters.

On occasion, I even find myself laced with self-doubt.

We’re all human!

Everyone experiences these thoughts at some point, regardless of age and experience. What we do with them when they occur determines how long they linger.

Some seek advice from others, hoping someone or something can free them from the weight. Unfortunately, the world often tells us we must act—move faster, work harder, and do more. But we’re already exhausted. This only fuels further frustration and self-doubt.

The problem: Many seek answers by looking outside themselves.

The truth: The answers we seek lie within.

I encourage you to consider these questions:

  • What if a challenging situation was sent your way to make you stronger?
  • What if a difficult employee is intended to make you a better leader?
  • What if the demanding customer is meant to make your company more efficient?

Here’s the truth: Things are going to happen that we like and don’t like—especially right now.

Both good and not-so good experiences are learning opportunities—sometimes blessings in disguise

My hope is that when we look back on these times, one of the things we will have learned is how to become more efficient and focused on the things that really matter. 

Whatever your situation, I encourage you to remember that today is a new day.

Pray for the wisdom to understand the lessons you are being asked to learn.

Surrender any past regrets, resentments, and hurt feelings.

Release any thought of concern about the future.

I, like you, am not sure what is next, but I trust the best is yet to be.

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