STOP: Honor the Struggle

Are you frustrated? Overwhelmed? Annoyed at the pace at which things are progressing?

Something inside tells you to be more positive, but for whatever reason, your mind is exhaustively racing in a thousand different directions—and most of them aren’t good.


Literally, just stop.

  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Stop creating stories about things that haven’t happened yet.
  • Stop worrying what others think.
  • And most of all, STOP wishing things were different.

Whatever lies before you is yours to do. Liking it is optional.

Yes, no one likes to struggle but struggling is part of the process.

Honor the struggle. Instead of fighting the fact that you are struggling, lean into it. Nothing of value is created without some sort of struggle.

Here’s some advice:

  • Study what others have done when faced with a similar challenge.
  • Learn what worked and didn’t work for them. 
  • Experiment with their suggestions and witness the results for yourself. That’s how you gain experience!
  • Be patient. Most things take longer than you ever expect. 

Sounds like common sense, right? Common sense is not always common practice!

Ask yourself this:

  • Are you willing to reframe your story?
  • Are you willing to seek help?
  • Are you willing to experiment with new approaches until your situation improves?

That’s what leaders do. 

Leaders don’t give up. Leaders rally others. Leaders get creative. Leaders solve problems. 

That’s what you signed up for when you agreed to be a leader.

One of the biggest challenges I see amongst many leaders, especially those who are trying to move the needle on something important, is an overwhelming desire to make the process problem-free. 

Make no mistake: Success doesn’t come from a lack of problems. The achievement of any goal is dependent on how well you, as a leader, manage through adversity.

If you want to succeed, study the habits of those who are already having success with the thing you desire. Develop the tenacity to keep experimenting until your breakthrough happens. Contact me if you want help. 

Promise me this: Once you solve whatever it is that has you frustrated, share what you learned. 

Your job is to help your team through their struggles. 

Coach your team. Develop your team. Empower your team. Serve your team.

The act of serving others makes everyone and everything lighter.

Don’t believe me. Instead, I encourage you to experience the results for yourself. The next time you find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, and growing impatient. I want you to:

  • STOP the stories!  
  • Honor the STRUGGLE.
  • Research, study, and experiment until you SOLVE the challenge before you.
  • SERVE others by sharing what you learned.

I am serving you by sharing what has worked for me. Now, I want you to experience this for yourself. Message me with your results. If you want to hear me unpack this further, I encourage you to tune into this week’s episode of the Getting Results podcast: E51: Action Changes Thingseven when you’re too tired and don’t feel like doing anything.