Do you associate change with losing something—control, status, or security?

  • Worry that change means more work and sacrifice?
  • Wish things would stay the same because it’s easier? You know what to expect.
  • Dread change without any specific ‘reason why’?

Change itself is not the problem. Resistance to change is.

Many people struggle to change the things that are actually trying to change them. Think about that. Life brings us a variety of opportunities to grow and often times, we reject them and then complain we do not have opportunities!

If you want something different, you have to become someone different.

Many think they know what to expect every day; the reality is they don’t. We can’t predict life. The one constant in life is change.

Changes force us to adapt, take risks, become vulnerable, and open ourselves to the unknown.

Change invites us to grow our resilience muscle. Resilience is a key leadership quality.

I see leaders, especially newly appointed ones, have an overwhelming desire to have a business that is problem-free and one that requires no changes. Make no mistake: Business is all about change, no industry is immune to it. The growth of any business is dependent on how well leaders embrace change and manage through the ambiguity with resilience.

As leaders, your continued growth is simply to become comfortable being uncomfortable; and then help your team do the same.

Try this mantra this week, ”Change is not the problem, my resistance to it is.

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