Change is an Opportunity

Change itself is not the problem. Resistance to change is.

I see a lot of leaders, especially newly appointed ones, have an overwhelming desire to have a team and business that is problem-free and one that requires no changes. 

Make no mistake: Business is all about change, no industry is immune to it. 

Change is the one constant in life. 

For many, change creates anxiety, doubt, and fear. 

Others worry that change means more work and sacrifice. 

Some wish things would stay the same because it simply feels easier. 

There are even a few people who dread change without any specific reason why. 

Here’s the truth: Change is an opportunity. 

Change, by design, forces us to adapt.

Change requires us to take risks, to become vulnerable, and open ourselves to the unknown.

The growth of any business is dependent on how well its leaders embrace change and manage through the associated ambiguity.

In the latest episode of my Getting Results podcast, I do a deep dive on Learning to Embrace Change. I invite you to listen.

Imagine having a different experience with change.

Imagine if change wasn’t something you feared but instead, something you welcomed and embraced.

Change is an opportunity—for YOU! Becoming more agile at learning and adapting seems less of a luxury and more of an essential skill.

What difference would those skills make in your life? 

Want more? 

Listen to the Getting Results podcast and check out the “Learning to Embrace Change” episode.  Every week, I share a bunch of different strategies and tactics to help leaders increase their results—for themselves and their team. It’s available on Apple PodcastGoogle Podcast, Spotify and others…check it out!