Catch and Release

Leaders become more Teflon than glue.

Do you ever catch yourself getting annoyed and frustrated with someone else when they do something you don’t particularly like?

What about when they don’t do something they said they were going to do?

Their behavior or lack thereof just irritates the hell out of you.

It’s frustrating, right?

Consider how many times you have let the dynamics of a specific situation make you angry. 

Times when you wished something or someone was different.

As leaders, we have to catch ourselves becoming hooked by all the crazy situations and circumstances we find ourselves entangled in.

There will always be days and situations that frustrate the hell out of us.

Having the ability to UNHOOK from all the crazy circumstances is a necessary leadership skill.

I call this leadership practice: Catch-n-Release!

The last time I wrote about this was back in 2017. 

Many of you have reached out and told me how much you love this tool. Someone recently asked me to provide a refresher so I did. In this week’s episode of the Getting Results podcast, I dive into the Catch-n-Release leadership practice. 

I named this episode: Remember: You’re Human and You’re Going to Have Human Moments!

Why? Because we all have human momentsmoments when:

  • You let others hijack your energy
  • You feel exhausted by the drama of a particular circumstance
  • You can’t sleep, your stomach is in knots, and the situation is all you can think about

When that occurs, I want to remind you that you are human and like a fisherman, you can practice the Teflon leadership tool of Catch-n-Release!

Tune into this week’s episode as I unpack this in more detail. This is one message we all need to keep top of mind.