Adopt a Beginner’s Mindset

What you have been taught to believe may be true—but what if it isn’t?

What if your perceptions about something are incorrect and the playbook that you’ve used for years was wrong?

I was captivated when someone posed these questions to me.

Earlier in my career, I had something I proudly referred to as my “playbook.”

You have one too; we all do.

It encompasses the rules for business or life that we convince ourselves are true. Things that have been programmed into us as to what we can and cannot do because of how business or life is supposed to work.

When I first wanted to change my life experience, my coach helped me discover that this playbook was keeping me from moving forward.

I bet your playbook is holding you back as well.

The reason I had for defending my playbook are probably the same ones you have:

  • I was afraid of change.
  • I was limiting myself because of my insecurities.
  • I was paralyzed to act, not because I didn’t know what to do, but because I didn’t know how to do it or where to start.

Like many leaders, I thought I had to appear as if I knew all the answers.

I was chained to past experiences, which clouded my view of what could happen in the future.

I was brainwashed as a child to believe that the secret of success is hard work but I’ve seen so many people work hard without succeeding that I became convinced that hard work was not the real secret.

I had a choice. You do as well.

We don’t need to work harder, do more, and move faster. Over the long haul, that takes its toll on you and the company you work for.

What if this year was different?

What if instead of creating a ton of overzealous goals and resolutions, you adopted a new way of being—one that leads to a new way of life.

You can make the choice between defending your playbook of assumptions about how you think something works or adopting the skill of a “beginner’s mind.

Imagine creating your future like you were planning the vacation of your dreams to an island you never visited.

The real learning occurs when we have an explorer’s mentality.

My recent podcast “Adopt a Beginner’s Mindset” unpacks this concept further.

It’s free training and it’s available on your favorite podcast platforms:

Check it out.

Imagine if you uncovered just one valuable nugget in this podcast that makes the year ahead a little easier to navigate.

Would that be worth a few minutes of your time?

Why not Adopt a Beginners Mindset and find out.

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