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We work with entrepreneurs and senior executives to develop leadership growth champions who help their team embrace change, focus their efforts, and accelerate results.

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“Leaders are teachers.
To become a great teacher, you must first become a great student!”

Jim Riviello, Chief Energy Officer, LXU

We believe leaders are paid to get results because results matter. To achieve results, a leader has to master leading others–being able to authentically communicate and influence others to act.

We believe leaders are role models. In order to effectively lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself.

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Raving Fans

A few comments from our VIP clients.

“Contagious enthusiasm, unique perspective, and relevant experience. Whether it’s business or personal, LXU offers valuable insight that is both practical and simple to apply.”

Alison Forsythe, Vice President and General Manager, Honeywell

“LXU will set you on a path to success. The approach, new perspectives, and consistent support has enabled me to grow my company, reduce inefficiencies, and strengthen our teams leadership skills.”

Evan Urbania, CEO, ChatterBlast Media

“I don’t remember the exact words Jim said, but I will never forget how he made me feel–amazing!”

Lynn Doherty McDonald, Area Vice President, Cisco

“Jim is a great asset to my career and business. He is very creative and brings tremendous value to me and my sales team. I highly recommend Jim as a coach, mentor, and motivational business consultant.“

Bob Laurenzo, CEO, Decusoft

“I’ve been in a lot of leadership programs throughout my career and none of them compare with Self 2.0. We have adopted this program and made it a requirement for anyone in a leadership position. The impact on our growth and culture has been amazing!”

Kandi Sigoni, COO, Quick Med Claims

“Redefining myself as a leader and leaving behind the old version of myself has been quite an awakening. As a result I have declared the ‘old Rob’ a person of the past.”

Rob Owen, Chief Architect, Computer Design and Integration

“To be an effective leader, I now understand the value of first leading myself.”

Jeannine Peri, Director Partner Marketing, ePlus

“I’m pumped to do my weekly flight plan. It keeps me really organized and my priorities straight. I sleep better knowing what is ahead of me in the morning.”

Aaron Osgood, President, ARO Realty Group

“The weekly flight plan changed everything for us. We now look forward to Sunday nights and planning our week. Using the time blocking strategy, we are able to get a TON of work done.”

Emily Pearl and Wheeler Juell, Owners, Latitude Studio

“Self 2.0 is about seeing what is important and what really matters. It has empowered me with real tools and better ideas to become the person and leader I am today. I’ve never done such hard, yet rewarding work in my life!”

Jacquelyn Nicholson, Director of Sales, Kinetic

“Jim pushes all of us to be better, questioning our self-imposed limitations, expanding our thinking, and learning to lead ourselves through positive change.”

John Dubraski, Vice President, FCS Sales, Hitachi Data Systems

“The Move-the-Needle approach helps me get stuff done. Instead of stressing over everything, I feel better about the progress I’m making.”

Ashley Gawlik, Account Manager, Quick Med Claims

“Riv made me a better leader, business person, manager, and Dad. Thank you!”

Russell Lomauro, CEO, Thingee, Inc.

“LXU is all about FOCUS! They have instilled a new level of discipline that has allowed me to get everyone on the same page and advance our most important opportunities!”

Karie Johnson, CEO, GIG Marketing

“Absolutely LOVE PowerWeek–PowerLife System! I can accomplish more now than ever—and have time for me.”

Anita O’Malley, CEO, Leadariti

“Highly recommend LXU to anyone interested in learning how to get focused and achieve great results out of your business or life.”

Andy Thatcher, VP of Sales, J2 Solutions

“I have completed more work in 1 day, than I typically would in 3 days. Thank you for sharing the PowerWeek System with us, it’s a game changer!”

Katie Zipfel, Billing Director, Quick Med Claims

“Great stuff! I actually look forward to my POWER Days! Absolutely love the PowerWeek–PowerLife System.”

Jeff Bromley, Partner, Thingee, Inc.

“The thought-provoking tools energize me, helping me push myself to the next level.”

Olivia Brannick, Business Development Manager, Piper Companies

“The PowerWeek System creates a completely new level of focus, energy and motivation for me, and my team!”

Antoinette Marie Johnson, CEO, Cohere

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