When online sessions transform into face-to-face reality, anything is possible.

LXU workshops combine coaching and programs into in-person events for business owners and executives. Learn strategies and habits you can start to implement immediately while you meet with other leaders who are in the same shoes. Share stories and swap tips while growing your personal network – and return to work with the clarity and energy you’ve always dreamed of having.

Available Workshops

If you can’t lead yourself, you can’t lead others. Sometimes we like to pretend otherwise. Why? Because it’s hard!

Learning to Lead Yourself is targeted specifically for entrepreneurs, executives and high- achieving individuals who have found themselves thrust in the front line of change, acting as change agents and others who have been called upon to become leaders within their organizations.

LXU will stretch your definition of leadership, unpack the authentic meaning of accountability, and help you identify what is truly possible with clarity, focus and discipline. Regardless of your situation, we will motivate you by sharing ideas, stories and personal experiences that inspire individuals to think differently.

Learning to Lead Yourself is intended to cut right to the “heart of the matter” as most individuals don’t have time for anything but. To effectively lead others, you must first learn to lead yourself first.

Do Less and Accomplish More

At the end of a long day, do you ever wonder what just happened? Have you ever felt like you just worked your butt off but aren’t sure what you actually accomplished? Imagine if you could consciously eliminate 50% of the daily things that drain your time and exhaust your energy. What would that mean to you both professionally and personally? In this workshop, you will discover the hidden secrets to getting more done, for yourself and those you lead.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Results

Why do some people succeed at levels beyond imagination while others struggle? High-performers behave differently. They’ve learned to master their mind, radiate energy, and crystalize priorities. Making the slightest shift in how you see what’s going on around you can change your inner dialogue completely and allow you to positively influence everything you touch. At this workshop, learn a leadership ritual that will change your results and accelerate performance.

Build a VIP Referral Engine

Do you want to consciously and strategically grow your business? Would you like to work with clients who bring out the best in you or do you like being around those who drain your energy and profits? Imagine if every client had to pass a VIP test. Imagine if your VIP clients referred you to other VIP prospects. What impact would that have on your bottom-line? This workshop will teach you how to establish a VIP filter and build referral engine to profitably grow your business.

Reclaim Your Joy with Work

“Master Your Job” unlocks the treasure map of business success. Participants develop the sustainable skills required to close the execution gap and achieve any goal. Work doesn’t have to be so hard. It doesn’t have to become something you dread. Imagine instead if work was something you actually looked forward to. Learn how to master personal productivity and build effective relationships with those you work with, and for. End the suffering. Reclaim your joy with work.

Manage Your Job Like it’s Your Own Business

ME Inc. is targeted specifically for high-performing individuals who have found themselves thrust in the front line of change. Regardless of your situation, certain skills and habits are required to be effective. ME Inc. will awaken you and the people you work with to the real reasons you often get stuck and don’t accomplish what you truly desire. In this interactive discussion, you will identify the small everyday decisions you make that either move you closer to the results you desire or take you off the beaten path, making it harder to find your way. You will gain invaluable insight and perspective into what is potentially holding you back and what is truly possible with a new level of thinking. Imagine yourself as the CEO of ME Inc.

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“Jim is an authentic, energized and powerful speaker who covers topics that truly make a difference. His insights and words are exactly what’s wanted and needed. A true gift!”

- Nick Papadopoulos, VP of Sales & Marketing

“Jim’s has the uncanny ability to take complex situations and share his views and experiences in a way that is practical and simple to follow…finally someone who understands business issues, not from a book but from actual experience.”

- Dan Wilson, CEO and President, Northeast Wealth Planners

“Jim is an idea guy but understands how ideas have to be implemented to matter.”

- Gerard McGowan, Business Owner