Unhook from all the Crazy

Do you ever catch yourself getting annoyed and frustrated with someone else when they do something you don’t particularly like?

What about when they don’t do something they said they were going to do?

Their behavior or lack there of just irritates the hell out of you.

It’s frustrating, right?

There will always be days and situations that frustrate the hell out of us.

Times when we wish things were different.

As leaders, we have to catch ourselves becoming hooked by all the crazy situations and circumstances we find ourselves entangled in.

Having the ability to UNHOOK from all crazy circumstances is a necessary leadership skill.

Want help unhooking?

I recently released a new episode of the Getting Results podcast which talks about how to unhook.

It’s called: Unhook from all the Crazy

I share a few easy to implement tools that just may help you regain some sanity when you find yourself trapped in crazy situations.

It’s live right now. Check it out on your favorite podcast platform:

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