Too Many Distractions

How do you get anything done when you have a ton of information pouring through your head, a hundred emails to read, and people interrupting you all the time?

The answer is clear: you can’t.

Distractions are not just frustrating; they are exhausting!

You lose momentum, rhythm, and flow when you get pulled away from an important task. You can fool yourself into thinking you can multitask. However, the more you try, the harder you find it becomes to stay focused on and accomplish any single task. 

High-impact work requires a focused and quiet mind.

Can you anticipate what distractions you will encounter today?

It’s been my experience that when I stop and consider who or what will distract me, I become conscious of those recurring people and situations. When we are mindful of the things that cause distractions, we can modify our approach to how we work on our top priorities, allowing us to actually get them done.

If you want to minimize interruptions, check out this short video and leave me a comment letting me know what you think.

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