Want to accomplish more?

High-impact work requires a focused and quiet mind.

How do you get anything done when you have a ton of information pouring through your head, a hundred emails to read, and a lot of people to serve?

The answer is clear: you can’t.

Distractions are not just frustrating; they are exhausting!

You lose momentum, rhythm, and flow when you get pulled away from an important task.

You fool yourself into thinking you can multitask. However, the more you try, the harder you find it becomes to stay focused on and accomplish any single task. I know because I used to think I could do a thousand different things at once. When I realized I wasn’t getting anything important done, I knew I had to change.

Let’s be honest with each other: How often do you blindly rush into the week on Monday mornings? I bet a lot.

Play back how you started this week. What was the first thing you did? Check email? Rush off to a meeting? Answer an incoming call?

Before you know it, it’s Friday. “Wow, crazy week.” 

There was a lot of activity and moving parts. However, you didn’t finish that one important task you were hoping to get to. You convince yourself that you’ll do it next week. The problem is the cycle repeats itself.

Feels frustrating doesn’t it?

Successful people know they can’t spend their week spinning a thousand different plates and expect to have a significant impact. They have become masters of managing their focus. They start by paying attention to their attention. They plan their week—before the week starts. 

Planning your week doesn’t mean looking at your calendar to see what is scheduled. It’s scheduling your priorities, dedicating time to focus on your high-impact and important work—FIRST!

This is the opposite of being mindless: it’s being mindful. When you are mindful, you minimize interruptions and tasks that are a waste of time.

The most effective distraction-management technique I leverage is the concept of a POWER BLOCK where I dedicate time to focus on my High-Impact Tasks. I turn off all communication devices when I have something important to do. Our brain prefers to focus on things right in front of us. It’s less effort.

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