Lead yourself, then others.

Self 2.0 is a customized leadership development program to help you turn goals into habits and resolutions into routines.

Are you ready to declare the “old you” a person of the past so a “new you” can emerge?

Self 2.0 is a third-level program for individuals and teams looking to refocus and reinvent themselves. This 12-month leadership development program includes customized training workshops, time-tested tools, and personalized leadership support. We begin with self-awareness and self-management as you cannot lead others until you first learn to lead yourself. We then focus on alignment, action and accountabilityfor you, your team, and the business.

Reimagine, for a moment, what the 2.0 version of the new you looks like.

Would you like to increase your confidence, develop greater influence, navigate tough conversations, mobilize others andmost importantget results? Let’s refocus (together) and create the NEW YOU!

“Self 2.0 is about seeing what is important and what really matters. It has empowered me with real tools and better ideas to become the person and the leader I am today. I've never done such hard, yet rewarding work in my life!”

- Jacquelyn Nicholson, Enterprise Sales Executive, Percolate

“To be an effective leader, I now understand the value of first leading myself.”

- Jeannine Perri, Director Partner Marketing, ePlus

"Redefining myself as a leader and leaving behind the old version of myself has been quite an awakening. As a result I have declared the 'old Rob' a person of the past."

- Rob Owen, Chief Architect, Computer Design and Integration