A marathon is just a bunch of small steps.

Business ­and life­ is a game of progress, not perfection. Move the Needle helps you identify and focus on the smaller, more manageable components to initiate an important project or break the logjam of indecision.


Imagine if all that was required to achieve success was the courage to take one bold step forward.

Move the Needle (MTN) teaches you how to make immediate progress on any important goal or project. 

Certain tasks can appear overwhelming. On any given week, it’s easy to wonder which task to do first. Even if we know which task we want to focus on, sometimes we struggle with where and how to even begin taking action. When this happens, many people tend to procrastinate doing random things, or sometimes nothing at all. Others may spend an enormous amount of time and energy worrying about all the details that the sheer quantity of analysis prevents any concrete actions or movement forward. There is a balance and that balance is what we refer to as “Move the Needle,” where the focus (on any given task) is more about advancing the ball forward.

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"It’s easy to get distracted and pulled in a million different directions. MTN gives me an opportunity to stop and focus on my priorities. Having a core set of actions to work towards each week has been a key driver in my success."

- Joey Conicella, Sales Executive, ChatterBlast Media

“Highly recommended to anyone interested in learning how to get focused and achieve great results out of your business or life.”

- Andy Thatcher, VP of Sales, Turnberry Solutions

“I always had discipline and drive, but Jim’s advice helped me pause after each milestone, think about the things I’d learned and reflect on the road ahead.”

- Heather Clancy, Journalist