New Year…now what?

Toss out the traditional New Year’s resolutions…they suck! (and 80% of them never last!)

Do you want to know why? 

Listen to this week’s episode of the Getting Results podcast. I unpack why traditional New Year’s resolutions never work.

Leaders make commitments, not resolutions.

They are the few who discipline themselves to change versus the many who just talk about it.

I encourage you to let go of those half-hearted resolutions you normally make. Replace them with a conscious commitment to practice being the person you truly want to be.

Every day is a new beginning. Every day we get a second chance at life. 

The “old you” is a person of the past. The “new you” is creating the future.

The question is not what you will do this year, but instead, what will your experience be while you are doing it?

Newsflash: There isn’t some grand checklist of things you must do to become successful.

To live at a higher level, you must learn to change who you are.

You must go from doing to being — so what you do is a reflection of who you are (and who you’re becoming).

Einstein said it best: “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

We all wear different leadership hats, at work and at home.

Try this: Commit to being a leader others want to follow.

Each and every act is an act of self-definition.

Everything you think, say, and do defines who you are and the legacy you’ll leave.

You don’t need a new calendar year to define new resolutions. 

You can recommit to becoming the person you want to be every single day.

It starts with a choicea conscious commitment—to yourself.

What type of leader are you willing to commit to? That is the best question to ponder today.