Leadership Gratitude

Two powerful words: “Thank you.”

Thank you expresses gratitude, humility, and understanding.

When we thank others, we’re reminded of our dependence on them and inspired to serve their needs instead of insisting they meet ours.

Good leaders are aware that everyone matters.

If you’re not in the habit of showing appreciation, now is the perfect time to start. Keep it simple:

  • Acknowledge the contributions of a co-worker.
  • Thank those who sacrifice countless late nights and weekends.
  • Thank your spouse or significant other for all the little things they do that go unmentioned.
  • Thank your clients, partners, family, and friends.

Those who feel appreciated always do more than what is expected.

The greatest display of leadership gratitude comes from nurturing your team’s development. Some do this easily. Some do not. Regardless, make a renewed commitment to doing more of it.

Consciously contemplate effective ways to educate and inspire your team.

Consider using your gifts to help others:

  • Are you a powerful speaker? Coach a co-worker who is anxious about an upcoming presentation.
  • A gifted writer? Help a teammate craft an important email.

One of the easiest ways to express gratitude is to help others.

While we tend to only think about gratitude during the holiday season or when a monumental event occurs, gratitude doesn’t need to be limited to those two scenarios. Leaders who express gratitude all year long generate consistent positive energy–this creates a ripple effect.

As we embark upon another holiday season, I am extremely grateful to all those who have graced my path. Everyone and every experience has in some way made an impact on the man I am today.

Thank you!