Leaders Express Gratitude

Way too many leaders are so fixated on achieving the next goal or hitting the next target that they often forget to express their gratitude to those who support them most. 

We all understand the importance of saying thank you. The challenge is that many of us assume those we interact with already know that we appreciate their efforts.

As Thanksgiving approaches, now more than ever is the time to pause and express your gratitude—for your family, your friends, your coworkers and team members, and the people in your life who matter most. 

Most of us tend to think about gratitude only during the holiday season or when a monumental event occurs, but gratitude doesn’t need to be limited to those two scenarios. 

Leaders who express gratitude all year long generate a ripple effect of positive energy. This energy becomes the foundation for every great culture. This week, I’m sharing a simple way for every leader to express their gratitude. Check it out:

Or stream it on your favorite podcast platform! It’s episode 142 of the Getting Results podcast: Simple Way for Leaders to Express Gratitude. It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, and others.

I am extremely grateful to each and every one of you who has graced my path. Everyone and every experience has, in some way, made an impact on the man I am today. And for that, I want to say: THANK YOU!