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Sales Success Stories Book
Discover the insider secrets and inspiring techniques from Jacquelyn Nicholson and 19 other top sales achievers. 

60 Stories from 20 Top 1% Sales Professionals is a powerful collection of the tales of triumph—and failure—from 20 amazing sales MVPs. Divided into four motivating sections covering mindset, relationships, sales careers, and sales processes, this book will show you how high achievers sustain stellar results on a daily basis. If you’re an ambitious and dedicated professional ready to climb the ladder to the top, then you need this roadmap to career victory!
How Will You Raise Your Game?
“Working with Jacquelyn has been a career game changer for me! Jacq is an incomparable salesperson and leader. She helps coach me towards my short and long term professional development goals. Our work has been especially valuable, not just in hitting or exceeding numbers, but also in growing into my role as a female leader in the tech/ad space."
“All I can say is that she’s amazing. I work with Jacquelyn who is a long term mentor of mine and she is a game changer. She’s a resource that has been incredibly helpful for my career development and growth.”
"Jacquelyn is as authentic as they come. There is no one I know who has managed through adversity with more ease and grace. She openly shares her stories and navigational techniques to help leaders accelerate progress. A proven sales leader who genuinely guides others to achieve success. If you're looking for a role model, look no further."
What Are You Waiting For?
Jacquelyn is passionately irreverent towards anything which inhibits success. Over two decades building and supporting the best brands in the world. Specialty in global business development and account management with the largest companies in the world. 

Fun Facts: Sommelier. Bright public speaker. Abhorrent of avoidable mediocrity. Passionate about wine, leadership, coaching, and mentoring. Curious. Fun. Outspoken. Smart. Slow-ish half marathoner. 
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