The day is unraveling. Whatever plans you had are now irrelevant.

You hear yourself say: Here we go again. That thought pisses you off.

  • Why is everything so chaotic?
  • Why is everything an emergency?
  • Why can’t anyone else manage to stick to a plan?

You don’t even have time to ponder those questions. That frustrates you even more.

We’ve all had days like this. Sometimes even weeks. The reasons are endless. The net result: frustration, anger, disappointment, and unhappiness.

Here’s my question: What do you do when this happens?

Most people stay trapped in a bad mood. Their energy level plunges, and with it goes their productivity and effectiveness. They lack the resiliency to turn a bad day into something that is…for lack of a better word…better!

I get it—your situation may be unique. If that’s the case, let’s schedule some time to discuss.

In the meantime, I want to offer you a couple of tools. Tools you already have; tools you have used before but for whatever reason, you forgot about them or, you’re so frustrated that you lack the ability to put them into practice.

Do you want to turn a bad day into a better one?

Listen to this week’s podcast: Three Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day 

Life is full of challenges and frustrations. 

Friendly reminder: You are blessed with the power of choice. 

You have the power to choose what receives your energy—and what you allow to hijack it.

Within every moment exists the opportunity to reset—change a mood, shift a perspective, or transform what feels like a really bad day into a better one. You may think this is easier said than done, but it’s not. That thinking is, in fact, part of the problem.

Try this: Don’t believe me. Instead, I encourage you to experiment with the three tools I mentioned in this podcast and experience the results for yourself.