Fear of Change

It goes without saying that the current pandemic we are collectively living through right now has ignited a newfound level of fear and anxiety.

As a result, we are all being asked to change—yet again. 

  • Do you associate change with losing something—control, status, or security?
  • Do you worry that change means more work and sacrifice?
  • Do you wish things would just stay the same? 

Here’s the truth: The sudden need for us to change our behavior is not the problem. Our resistance to this change is. 

We can’t justify this change away, blame others for what they did or failed to do, and we can’t wish it wasn’t here.

Yes, I’m worried. 

I’m worried people won’t change. 

If you’ve been following me, you know I am NOT a pessimist.

I’m as positive as anyone. 

The optimist in me believes people will rise to the occasion and contribute in uniquely new ways.

I’m also a realist. 

I know a lot of people won’t change, which is why I have been asking all leaders to step up and get creative. Now more than ever, we need leadership. Your team needs your leadership.

I’ll be honest with you: It’s been hard. It’s been challenging. 

I’ve prayed a lot. 

Every time I pray, I receive the same download: You have a choice. 

  • You can ignore what has happened.
  • You can wish things were different.
  • You can adapt and respond. 

We need to adapt and adjustand quickly!

As leaders, we are being asked to change. 

We are being asked to lead remote teams.

There is going to be a lot of change. 

I recorded a podcast yesterday to help you (and your team) manage through the fear of change. Now, more than ever, we ALL need to change and adapt.

I encourage you to tune into this week’s episode of the Getting Results Podcast. This is the fourth in a five part series on overcoming fear. In this episode, I share my perspective on the Fear of Change and how you may help mitigate this fear within your team.

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Be smart. Stay inside and remain positive!